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What is your mission for the Public Service Launchpad Accelerator?

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The Public Service Launchpad Accelerator is an intensive 14 week programme of support, dedicated space and an offer of investment for teams on a mission. You can read more about the programme and how to apply to it here:

Please respond to this challenge by telling us about your mission. For the Public Service Launchpad, a mission is a change that you want to make to an existing public service or a social problem that you want to solve.

This is a crucial part of the application process and here’s why: on Simpl Challenges you can post your mission and ideas and get feedback on it from others. You can improve your thinking and start building support even before the programme starts! So we strongly encourage you to post your mission as soon as possible, and get people to look at it and comment. We will look at this discussion as part of our assessment.

In your Simpl Challenges submission, pitch your idea. This could be in whatever way you like, but please try to cover to the following questions:

1) How you know that this problem exists?

2) What is your idea for an approach to your project, service or venture that will achieve change?

3) Who would benefit from your idea / project / service? How have you engaged with this group so far?

4) How is your likely approach different to (or building upon) existing work in this area?

This is also the place to include links to any videos, presentations or other media you would like to use to answer these questions. You can use these formats instead written text to give your answers if you prefer, but you still need to address the questions.

The deadline is Tuesday 10th December 2013 at 5pm. We look forward to receiving your application form ( as well as your Simpl Challenges submission (submitting your idea on here alone is not enough!) Post the Simpl Challenges idea first in order to get feedback, but don't wait too long to follow up with your application form. The sooner you get the application form in, the more time we will have to consider it.