Festival of Amazing Outcomes

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Festival of Outcomes

These sessions will form part of the Festival of Amazing Outcomes which is all about how you can identify with others the change you want to make on the big issues that matter to you and the missions that drive you (whether you’re on the Launchpad or not!).

The morning will start off with working out what outcomes everyone in the room wants to work on their projects, breaking into small groups around common outcomes and developing theories of change of how we tackle these big outcomes. The afternoon is where you come in, suggesting sessions on how we can tackle systemic issues, how we make radical change happen and how we stimulate collaboration to work on common outcomes.

We want to make sure the event will be as inclusive as possible for everyone to feel they can contribute using the skills you’ve got. It could be that you may want to:

facilitate a workshop, make or prototype solutions with people, visualise the issues, sketch them out... or anything else that you’d like to contribute!

Get involved...now! Suggest a session you’d like on the day.

You can see the agenda at http://outcomefest.eventbrite.co.uk

Public Service Launchpad

This event has been organised by Scholars on the Public Service Launchpad Scholarship and is open to Scholars and friends of Scholars.

The Public Service Launchpad is a programme to supercharge innovation in public services. The Launchpad will help turn early stage ideas into successful change initiatives and maybe even businesses that can change lives, by giving public service innovators access to the support they need to get their ideas off the ground. More information at http://publicservice.hublaunchpad.net/