Future Work and Employment: Being Young Today

To take a fresh look at employability and find ways to help here.

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  1. What skills will today’s talent need to develop for the workplace of the future?
  2. What key employability characteristics do young people across a range of key education stages already have? Are any of these yet unrecognised but will be key to the future?
  3. What are the career concerns & future aspirations of these students?
  4. What do employers need to do to ensure they get the right talent, be that apprentice, school leaver or graduate level?
  5. What are the challenges to finding students good work?
  6. What opportunities are there to help young people develop their futures?
  7. How can we use tech to help young people develop their futures? (Inspiration http://www.simpl.co/challenges/3-interactivism-young-people-s-hack-weekend/ideas)

We will:

• Question some of the current thinking around employability & what needs to be done • Inspire through research into the future of work • Address tough issues such as student engagement and the flagging labour market