Ideas about money - because finance departments need innovation too

Money can be invested, not just spent, to achieve outcomes. How can we do this?

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A continuation of the finance huddle held at the start of December - how can we innovate using the money councils, housing associations and public bodies already invest - using their cash twice. I am no longer at Move your Money but still think this is an important issue to discuss.

  • Noel Hatch
    13 Jan at 19:22

    Really important when we're talking about how we invest in social impact or social value - links to Social Value Act?

  • Laura Willoughby
    13 Jan at 19:24

    Yes absolutely - procurement of financial services in councils falls outside most procurement policy already let alone any social value act guidance. Councils need to be aware how they can use their financial power and leadership of public sector locally to achieve their social aims.

  • Noel Hatch
    20 Jan at 09:30

    Just a quick heads up before tomorrow, we'll be using (and part of the cafe area) for the unconference, set up in cabaret style. Each session will be up to an hour and we will have simultaneous sessions going on within the main space (up to six depending on how many people per group). You'll get post its, pens and flipchart paper. Any questions, give me a shout!