I want to become a mentor: What do I do!?

An interactive workshop exploring the value and practicalities of mentorship.

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Festival of Amazing Outcomes
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The session will explore what makes mentoring so useful, the attributes of a good mentor, show why anyone can be a mentor, and introduce an experimental approach to mentoring specific to those with a social mission.

We'll also look in to how PSL can design and implement a mentoring process to help Scholars achieve their goals.

The session will have to start at 3:15pm at the earliest as I have to travel up from Kingston!

  • Richard Brownsdon
    15 Jan at 11:11

    A great session Nate! Would you want people who want to be mentored, as well as people who want to be mentors?

  • Nathaniel Smith
    15 Jan at 20:23

    Thanks Richard of the Mighty Beard! Yes absolutely - both would be welcome and could contribute.

  • Claire Ritchie
    18 Jan at 11:49

    Mighty Beard? What about people who want to be both??

  • Nathaniel Smith
    18 Jan at 11:51

    Especially people who want to be both! Who shall I look for when I get there before the session to direct me to where it will be etc? Have you not seen Richard's Beard!? It's beautiful.

  • Claire Ritchie
    19 Jan at 12:29

    Lol. You've been to the hub haven't you? just come to the stage area where no doubt it will all be crazy mayhem. :-)

  • Noel Hatch
    20 Jan at 09:28

    Just a quick heads up before tomorrow, we'll be using http://westminster.impacthub.net/book-our-space/#modal-thestage (and part of the cafe area) for the unconference, set up in cabaret style. Each session will be up to an hour and we will have simultaneous sessions going on within the main space (up to six depending on numbers). You'll get post its, pens and flipchart paper. Any questions, give me a shout!

  • Nathaniel Smith
    20 Jan at 09:33

    Cool, thanks! Will head over to The Stage and go from there :-)

  • Pamela McLean
    20 Jan at 12:06

    I'm interested in being mentored, being a mentor, and co-mentoring - but may miss this because of sessions running in a parallel. What is the best way of keeping up with this conversation online?

  • Nathaniel Smith
    20 Jan at 20:50

    Wonderful Pam. We'll discuss in the session how to take mentoring forward for PSL, and I'll keep you posted on where the online component of that is.