Chaotic Collaboration

Why do we collaborate and how can we do it better?

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Festival of Amazing Outcomes
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This is a mash up of many ideas and information sources. It has two parts, the first brings together snippets of information around collaboration; such as quotes, theories, processes and tools. There is an emphasis on lean practices. The second part is about self-development and how we can learn and change in order to become better team players. Games and playing are important (discussing and practicing comics, storyboarding and maybe staging ideas using bodystorming), this gives people a greater chance to join in and let the social part of the brain take over the session, whilst memorable information is put forward in short sharp (easily digested) bursts. Lots of emphasis on visual learning, active learning, outcomes and finally; giving up control and giving in to collaboration!

  • Claire Ritchie
    18 Jan at 11:42

    Sounds great!

  • Noel Hatch
    20 Jan at 09:28

    Glad you put this together Hannah, looks great. Brainstorming is dead, long live body storming!

    Just a quick heads up before tomorrow, we'll be using (and part of the cafe area) for the unconference, set up in cabaret style. Each session will be up to an hour and we will have simultaneous sessions going on within the main space (up to six depending on numbers). You'll get post its, pens and flipchart paper. Any questions, give me a shout!