Find your "happy place" and open an embassy in the "real world".

Viv_1 Submitted by Vivian Goodings
Festival of Amazing Outcomes
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Start with the end in mind. As Oscar Wilde said; "Shoot for the moon, at least if you miss you will land amongst the stars". Ok, his astronomical knowledge was a bit lacking but you get the point. This is a workshop about you. In an age when so many people in public life are corrupt and self serving, when we are bombarded by images of success as an elevated and seperate existance this is a chance to get some integrity. The workshop is about getting clear about where you want to go, who you will be when you get there and what are the unshakeable values which will sustain you on the journey. Because you're worth it and because the issues we currently face are too important to be taken seriously.

  • Noel Hatch
    20 Jan at 09:29

    Great that you put this forward Vivian, embassy of the future sounds fantastic!

    Just a quick heads up before tomorrow, we'll be using (and part of the cafe area) for the unconference, set up in cabaret style. Each session will be up to an hour and we will have simultaneous sessions going on within the main space (up to six depending on how many people per group). You'll get post its, pens and flipchart paper. Any questions, give me a shout!

  • Hannah Tucker
    20 Jan at 12:34

    Sounds really good! I'm also hoping to encourage people's personal and team journeys with a focus on self-development strategies and tools to help us learn to work better together and to encourage each other in a productive and inspiring way!